Girl Scout Gold Award Recipients

 The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest achievement in Girl Scouting. Girl Scouts ages 14 - 17 earn this award for leading initiatives that provide sustained improvements to their community. It is designed to be the ultimate Girl Scout Leadership Experience.

This year, 58 girl members earned the Girl Scout Gold Award locally. Each of their projects required at least 80 hours of researching issues, assessing area needs and resources, building a team, and creating a lasting impact in their community. Congratulations to all of our Girl Scout Gold Award recipients: 

Sarah A

Nicole H

Meghan S

Madeleine A

Eliana J

Selena S

Taryn B

Chloe K

Haley S

Madeleine B

Camille M

Elizabeth S

McKenzie B

Brittanni M

Shauna S

Lindsay B

Emily M

Cecily S

Keri C

Alexia M

Laney T

Kendall C

Amy N

Hayley T

Laurel D

Ashley N

Mehr V

Shawnacey D

Shinjini N

Alyssa V

Samita D

Angelica O

Amber V

Kali E

Melanie O

Emily W

Kianna F

Susan P

Essence W

Tess F

Reva P

Kimberly Y

Lindsey F

Crystal Ann P

Taylor Z

Taylor F

Mandy P

Kaitlyn G

Karina R

Monica H

Jamie R


Dana H

Mariana S


Emma H

Danielle S





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