Girl Scout Awards FAQs

The Girl Scout Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards are the highest awards in Girl Scouting. The guidelines for these awards align with the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.  Girls identify issues within their community, research the root causes of these issues, and create measurable and sustainable Take Action Projects that offer solutions to the chosen problem. 

What are the new grade levels for earning the awards?
Bronze                 Earned by Juniors                                             4th-5th grade
Silver                    Earned by Cadettes                                          6th-8th grade
Gold                     Earned by Seniors or Ambassadors                  9th-12th grade

How can I get additional information about each award?
Information is available to download from GSUSA's website. Information includes separate guidelines for both girls and adults. Please read the awards section of the website, available on the girl side for more specific information about each award and their requirements.

Is there training that can help girls and adults understand the requirements for these awards?
We offer an Awards Take Action Training class for girls working on their Girl Scout Silver and Gold awards and their advisors. We encourage girls to wait until they are almost done with their Journey pre-requisite before taking this class. You can register as a girl using the older girl training calendar and as an adult using the adult education guide. The Girl Scout Bronze award is completed at the troop level with no involvement from council.  

Can girls work on two awards at the same time?
No. Girls working on the Girl Scout Silver Awards need to be a registered Girl Scout Cadette, and girls working on the Girl Scout Gold Award need to be a registered Senior or Ambassador. Girls can begin working on the pre-requisites for the Gold Award the summer between their eighth and ninth grade year. Girls do not have to complete the Silver Award to earn the Gold Award, however earning the Silver Award counts as half of the prerequisites for the Gold Award.

How can I get my girls their award pin?
The Girl Scout Bronze Award pin can be purchased at either Girl Scout shop and at our on-line shop. The Girl Scout Silver and Gold Award pins are awarded to girls by the council once a year. Girls who have turned their final reports into the council on or before March 20 will receive their pin at that year's recognition ceremony.


Please read all information available on our council’s website and the guidebooks created by GSUSA first. If you still have questions you can call the council office at (800) 322-4475 or (916) 452-9181 or e-mail us at or