What is Governance – The process by which the Board of Directors, led by its Chair, uses its authority to ensure organizational stability and fulfillment of the Girl Scout mission by providing leadership, strategic direction, policy making and fiduciary oversight for the council.

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Governance Structure

Governance structures are part of every Girl Scout Council and are defined in the Council bylaws. In Girl Scouts Heart of Central California Council, the governance structure is defined below.

The Representative Assembly (Assembly) is the body of all voting members of the Council.  The Assembly members are responsible for electing the Board of Directors and National Council Delegates, providing input for policy decisions and amending the bylaws and articles of incorporation.  The Assembly consists of the following members:

  • Two Representatives from each service unit, appointed by the Service Unit Manager.  Each service unit has the option of designating one Alternate Representative.
  • Up to 10 girls-at-large from throughout the Council.  These Representatives are selected by the Board Representative Committee via an application process.
  • Up to 18 National Council Delegates, who are elected every three years by the Assembly.
  • The Board of Directors.


Representatives of the Assembly are responsible for keeping their members informed of Board communications, surveys, discussion items, etc.  This should be done via regular attendance at service team and service unit leader meetings.

Two Board members are appointed to the Board Representative Committee, a standing committee of the Board of Directors (represented in the chart below by the shaded circle).  This Committee is responsible for managing the functions of the Representative Assembly, facilitating the review of proposals submitted by the Assembly and/or the Board, and fostering two-way communication.

A Steering Committee of 3-5 individuals, appointed by the Board Representative Committee serves in an advisory capacity.  They will assist with designing and implementing the regional forums and annual meetings, developing and analyzing opinion surveys, creating newsletters, and evaluating the governance structure and making recommendations for changes.


Two Way Communication
Representatives are information-gatherers; you are a link to the members of the Council.  Two way communication between the Council leadership and Council membership is established through Representatives as described below. Read more about two-way communication.  



For more information please call the council office at (800) 322-4475 or (916) 452-9181 or e-mail us at

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