What is Governance

The process by which the Board of Directors, led by its Chair, uses its authority to ensure organizational stability and fulfillment of the Girl Scout mission by providing leadership, strategic direction, policy making and fiduciary oversight for the council.

Click here for a description of the Council Structure

Click here for a description of the Governance Structure

Two Way Communication

Representatives are information-gatherers; you are a link to the members of the Council.  Two way communication between the Council leadership and Council membership is established through Representatives as described below.

Fostering Two-Way Communication

  • Email will be one of the main forms of communication between Girl Scouts Heart of Central California (GSHCC) and the Assembly.  Please keep your information up-to-date.

  • Forums will be held to solicit input and hold discussions on relevant issues. Representatives should discuss issues with their membership and bring the results of those discussions to the meetings.

  • The Annual Meeting is an opportunity for Representatives to share the feelings of their membership on Council and/or national proposals.

  • A Newsletter for Representatives will be distributed at least two times per year.  Representatives should share relevant information with their membership.

  • Opinion Surveys may be conducted to gain quick opinions on various topics.  Representatives should get membership input on the topics prior to responding to the survey.

  • At Board Meetings, the Board Representatives will provide regular feedback on surveys and forum discussions as well as bring issues from the Board of Directors to the Assembly.

  • The GSHCC Web Site will include a Governance page that Representatives should visit frequently to stay informed and provide updated information.



For more information please call the council office at (800) 322-4475 or (916) 452-9181 or e-mail us at

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