Money Matters Updates August 2009

Page 2 Safety Wise Standard 28 ( Revised) – Activities Involving Money

Girl Scout groups are financed by dues, money-earning activities, and a share of money earned through council-sponsored product sale activities.  Girl Scout Daisies may be involved in council-sponsored product sale activities only, and not collect money in any other way except through group dues or parental contributions. ( Amended by GSUSA Board 6/15/2008)

Troop Financial Accounts
All Girl Scout troops must deposit and disburse all troop funds through an account in a federally insured financial institution in the name of Girl Scouts Heart of Central California, Troop#____.

Signature Requirements

Valid disbursement shall require two signatures for amounts over $100.00.  A minimum of three

Registered persons shall be authorized to sign on each troop account, at least two of whom must be service team or administrative volunteers. Only one person from the same family or household may sign on the troop account


Girl Scout Daisy

  • Girls may pay dues; leader handles the money and keeps financial records.
  • Girls learn to set goals and participate in council-sponsored product program activities
  • Leader handles group budgeting


Troop leaders are important role models from whom girls learn sound book-keeping procedures, reliability, and the value of careful planning.

A Troop Treasurer may be selected by the troop leaders to oversee the troop treasury. The Troop Treasurer Position Description can be found in the forms section.

All funds are maintained in the troop treasury; adult leaders are responsible to the Girl Scouts Heart of Central California board of directors for safeguarding all monies collected in the name of Girl Scouts.

Troop Bank Accounts
Troops should have their money in a federally insured financial institution in the name of Girl Scouts Heart of Central California, Troop # _____.  The account address should be the address of the troop leader or treasurer.  A minimum of three registered persons will need to be authorized to sign checks.  Two of the authorized signers must be service team members.  Valid disbursements over $100.00 require two signatures.
Check with your service unit treasurer or membership director for your service unit’s procedures on setting up troop bank accounts and which banks they recommend.

The troop may obtain an ATM card to be used for deposits and for payments of less than $100.00

Troops may have online access to view their account balances, view and download account transaction history, request copies of checks and statements, and make purchases for amounts under $100.00.

Page 7 Outstanding Debts

Any person with an outstanding debt to Girl Scouts will not be eligible for appointment or reappointment to a volunteer position. Volunteers with debts that are not satisfied will be released from the volunteer position at the time that the debt is given to a collection agency. Future consideration for any volunteer position will be possible only after the debt is satisfied.

Page 11 Troop Money Guidelines

Form #656- Disbanding a Troop- needs to be completed and submitted to the Service Unit Manager or Membership Director.

Page14 Girls Working on Girl Scout Gold or Silver Award Projects, & destinations

Council cookie credits may also be applied toward national destination fees and for Girl Scout Silver and Gold Award project material expenses.

Page 15 Employer Benefits/Matching Gifts

Some employers offer matching gifts and volunteer service hours to their employees. Employers may match the employee’s donations or give monetary gifts in proportion to employee volunteer hours to a nonprofit organization. Any donation from a foundation, corporation, employer, etc. in recognition of volunteer service hours will be considered a commemorative gift in honor of the Girl Scout volunteer who performed the hours of service. This contribution shall be made only to Girl Scouts Heart of Central California. Incorporated in the state and designated as a 501(c)(3) organization, the council is the only tax-exempt entity.



For more information please call the council office at (800) 322-4475 or (916) 452-9181 or e-mail us at