Spring Registration

Spring registration packets will be available at the April and May Service Unit Leaders’ meetings. They can also be obtained by contacting your local service unit registrar. This is an opportunity for current members to reregister early for the 2011-12 membership year. Troops may choose to use troop funds to pay for the $15 membership fee for troop leaders and girls. By registering early troops are entered into Ecouncil prior to October 1 and will be ready to start their troop meetings when school starts and attend council and service unit events and participate in the Magazine and Nuts program.   

Any financial aid requests will not be filled until October 1, 2011 when we enter our new fiscal year. Troops can earn incentives and make more money during the year by spring registering and being a part of the TROOP OPPORTUNITY PROGRAM (T.O.P.)  To qualify, completed troop registration packets must be submitted to the service unit registrar prior to June 12, 2011.

  • Re-register 12 or more girls and get a $22 council credit coupon, or
  • Re-register at least 8 girls and get a $10 council credit coupon