Volunteer Recognitions

Do you know an Adult Volunteer who deserves to be recognized?

Girl Scouts Heart of Central California in conjunction with Girl Scouts of the USA is committed to recognizing outstanding adult volunteers for their consistent, never-ending dedication on behalf of girls.

Board Approved Recognitions

These recognitions require approval by the council’s board of directors and are considered the highest awards given to adults in Girl Scouting. These awards recognize service that is extraordinary, goes above and beyond the expectations of the position(s) held, and benefit a wide audience. These recognitions are described below. Nominations for these awards are currently being accepted. The deadline for nominations is November 6, 2013 at 5 p.m., in the council office in Sacramento or Modesto. Nominations will be reviewed by the council board of directors at its January meeting and those approved will be presented recognitions at the council Annual Meeting in February 2014. Board Approved Recognition Forms

Appreciation Pin
Given to an individual for service to one service unit

Honor Pin
Given to an individual for service to two (2) or more service units

Thanks Badge
Given to an individual for service to the entire Council

Thanks Badge II
Given to an individual for continuing service to the entire Council

Service Unit Approved Recognitions

Volunteer of Excellence: The Volunteer of Excellence Award recognizes an adult volunteer who has contributed outstanding service either directly to girls or in support of the council’s goals in one or more functional areas. The nominee’s performance has been beyond the expectations for the position(s) held. Appropriate candidates for this award might include, but are not limited to: troop leaders, service team members, day camp directors, learning facilitators, council program volunteers, and council fund development volunteers. Troop leader and service team nominations are to be processed by the service unit’s adult recognition committee and submitted with service unit recognition paperwork. Other nominations may be submitted to the Adult Development Department. Click here for nomination forms.

Year Pins

Pins recognizing years of membership and years of service are available for adult members in five year increments. While any member may purchase year pins at any time, starting at five years, the council makes a special presentation at the council’s annual meeting to “long term” members and volunteers (starting at 20 years) as a way of acknowledging their dedication and service. 

Years of Service
pins may be given to adults who have given a minimum of 5 years of active service as an adult volunteer.
Years of Membership pins may be given to adults who have been members for at least 5 years (total of years as a girl member and years as an adult member).

Individually registered, as well as troop affiliated, adults are eligible.
Pins and numeral guards for 5, 10 and 15 years of service or membership may be purchased by individuals or service units. Awards for 20 years and above are presented at the Annual Meeting. To request a Years of Service or Years of Membership pin presentation at the Annual Meeting, contact the adult development department at one of the council offices or by email: adultdevelopment@girlscoutshcc.org