2008 Volunteer Recognitions

Thanks Badge:

The Thanks Badge is the highest honor for adults in Girl Scouting. It is presented to individuals who have given so far above and beyond the expectations of their position that no other award would be appropriate. Their service benefits the council or the Girl Scout movement as a whole.

Thanks Badges were given to Robert Canady and his daughter-in-law, Jolynn Canady.

The family of Janet Heston was presented her Thanks Badge posthumously with a very moving verbal and video presentation about her contributions.

Larra Vanden Bosch was not able to attend and will receive her Thanks Badge at a Cookie Event.

Appreciation Pins:

Dave Canady

Teri Dackins

Julie Lukela

Ellie Chase

Rosemary Doran

Grace Schmaeling

Shauna Clark 

Deb Jolette 

Karen Sorenson

Valerie Conner

Betty Lucas 


Honor Pins:

Julie Freedman

Chris Stincelli

Amy Wolfe

Rossy Gomar

Linda White

Beth Yurek

Carla Lehn



Year pins:

20 Years of Membership

Marisa Alcalay 

Dorothy Fitzmorris-Bogaert

Teri Krouse

Shelli Clark 

Maria Gibbons

Julie Luckela 

Jan Cook

Paula Hood

Toni Rubin

Alison Dumas

Gina Indelicato

Karen Sorenson

Pamela Eggert

Dodie Johnson

Tiana Uhl 

20 Years of Adult Service

Shirley Borchardt

Doris Minick

Alison Smith

Shelli Clark

25 Years of Membership

Linda Banks

Toni Conley-Widing

Judy Hunt

Shirley Borchardt 

Lynn Gatie 

Barbara Uhl

Karyl Cimini



25 Years of Service

Marcela Garcia

Teresita Mendez

Dort Russell

30 Years of Membership

Becky Collins

Jennifer Dutra

30 Years of Service

Tina Dutra

Donna McPherson

35 Years of Membership

Donna McPherson 

Alison Smith

40 Years of Adult Service

Sally Butters

40 Years of Membership

Eileen Mahoney

45 Years of Membership

Sally Butters

50 Years of Membership

Mary Ann Mahoney

60 Years of Membership

Gail Brocklehurst Nelson

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