Camp Employment

Standards of Conduct

Girl Scouts Heart of Central California is a professional organization; employees are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner. The council has established guidelines for conduct and expected behavior.

Personal Appearance and Conduct
Girl Scouts Heart of Central California is committed to a work environment where relationships are characterized by dignity, courtesy, respect, and equitable treatment. To achieve our mission, we strive to create an atmosphere where girls and young women have the opportunity to increase their understanding of themselves and others and develop their skills in a safe environment, which is free of advocacy for political causes, sexuality, lifestyles, or specific religions. It is possible that in order to provide such an atmosphere, employees will find that each must adjust her/his own personal habits and/or behavior. For the health, safety and comfort of the campers and other employees and volunteers, each employee must agree to:

  • Dress appropriately, in keeping with the mission and safety guidelines for all activities. Each staff person shall be clean and present a neat, well-groomed appearance at all times.
  • Wear closed-toe shoes and socks at all times in camp, except when actively participating in waterfront activities or when sleeping or grooming.
  • Refrain from promoting a personal lifestyle or political or religious affiliation to campers, other employees or volunteers.
  • Refrain from wearing or exhibiting clothing, buttons or posters with slogans and/or pictures, which are not consistent with Girl Scout values, such as alcohol and tobacco products.
  • Refrain from wearing halter-tops or sun tops.
  • Wear shorts of an appropriate length.
  • Maintain hours and habits, which allow her/him to maintain good physical condition and perform assigned jobs safely.
  • Refrain from wearing jewelry, including earrings, which may conflict with safety regulations and common sense in outdoor settings, keeping in mind what activity she/he may be engaged in during the course of the day. Recognize that any jewelry may be inappropriate in certain circumstances or settings.
  • Replace any visible piercing with posts or studs. Any jewelry that cannot be replaced by posts or studs must be removed while in camp. Additionally, at her/his discretion, the Camp Director may require certain pierced jewelry be removed, regardless of compliance with the aforementioned.
  • Refrain from adding to or starting any body piercing or tattooing for the duration of her/his employment.

Prohibited Conduct
The following conduct is prohibited and will not be tolerated by the council. This list of prohibited conduct is illustrative only; other types of conduct injurious to security, personal safety, employee welfare and the council’s operations also may be prohibited.

  • Unlawful Harassment as outlined in the Seasonal Camp Staff Handbook.
  • Falsification of employment records, employment information or other council records.
  • Theft, deliberate or careless damage or destruction of any council property or the property of any employee, volunteer or camper.
  • Removing or borrowing council property without prior authorization.
  • Unauthorized use of council equipment, time, materials or facilities.
  • Engaging in criminal conduct.
  • Insubordination, including but not limited to failure or refusal to obey the orders or instructions of a supervisor or member of management, or the use of abusive or threatening language toward a supervisor or member of management.
  • Using abusive language at any time on council premises.
  • Failure to notify a supervisor when unable to report to work.
  • Failure to obtain permission to leave work or any reason during normal working hours.
  • Failure to observe working schedules, including rest and meal periods.
  • Violation of any safety, health, security or council polices, rules or procedures.
  • Committing a fraudulent act or a breach of trust under any circumstances.
  • Unsatisfactory work performance.
  • Excessive absences or tardiness.
  • Failure to meet established conditions of employment.
  • Violation of established policies of Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. or Girl Scouts Heart of Central California.

Additional Policies

  • Girl Scouts Heart of Central California prohibits employees and volunteers from being in the possession of weapons at all times while on camp property. This includes personal vehicles that are parked in the staff parking lot.
  • Pets may not be brought to camp except in emergency situations.
  • Camp Menzies is a smoke free environment; smoking is banned from all areas of the camp property and in the presence of campers.
  • Illegal drugs and alcoholic beverages are NOT allowed on camp property.
  • Regulations require that all prescription and non-prescription drugs be kept locked up and away from campers. (This excludes medications like inhalers or epinephrine that would be needed immediately)