Staff Life Details


International camp staff are provided with transportation to and from camp. All other camp staff are responsible for finding their own transportation to and from camp. The camp will help to arrange car-pooling and bus transportation with campers is available for a limited number of staff each session.


Camp staff participate in training prior to the campers’ arrival. The training will include (but is not limited to) planning and delivering program, the Girl Scout organization, camp traditions, emergency and safety procedures, outdoor skills training, communicating with campers, age group characteristics, how things are done at camp, etc. It will also be a time for the staff to get acquainted and develop into a working team. Training dates and length vary with the position you have applied for. A make-up training is available for those staff who can not attend the entire training.


Staff uniforms consist of a cotton/poly short sleeve collared polo shirt, which is provided by the camp, and tan or beige shorts or jeans, which staff members need to provide. Staff ties are a tradition at Girl Scout camp and will be given to staff at the end of staff training. The staff uniform is worn on the days that campers arrive and depart.

Working Attire

During the day, jeans, shorts, sweat pants, comfortable tops, sweatshirts, etc. are appropriate. Camp staff can expect to get dirty during camp. Because we are role models to girls (and also because of safety considerations), it is important for clothing to be appropriate. Halter tops, sports bras worn alone, tank tops, “too short” shorts, pants/shorts with holes in inappropriate places, or clothing with slogans that promote the use of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs, or contain political/religious messages can not be worn at camp. We also require that camp staff wear closed-toed shoes and socks at all times when on duty or in the presence of campers unless they are participating in waterfront activities, bathing or sleeping.

Time Off

Unit staff, specialists and administrative staff are given two hours off each day for personal time. Kitchen, maintenance and health center staff work 8 hours a day. Staff often use their daily breaks to shower, e-mail, write letters or read. They can also got into town if they need to get supplies. Staff also have 1-3 day breaks between sessions during the summer. Staff may stay in camp during breaks, or choose to go with other staff members. During breaks, staff sometimes explore California by staying at state parks or in youth hostels.