Short Term Resident Camps 2011

How to Register

Each short term resident camp handles the registration for their individual camp. Once your registration packet is filled out, send paperwork and your check or money order (no cash, please!) to the registrar listed for each short term resident camp. Information can be found on each day camp’s flier. Sending your registration packet to the Girl Scout Heart of Central California office will delay your registration; and consequently, you may miss the registration deadline. Click here to view the individual short term resident camp fliers.

Registration for short term resident camp opens on March 1, 2011. Registrations received before the opening date will be held and processed on March 1.

What needs to be in your Registration Packet:

  • ONE copy of the short term resident camp Registration form

  • Transportation form

  • Health History form

  • Consent to Provide Medication form

  • Business-sized self-addressed stamped envelope

Click here for Registration forms for all short term resident camps