Preparing for Camp

We are delighted to have your camper decide to join us this summer.  Here are some tips to help make camp a positive experience:

Help your camper prepare for this big ADVENTURE by sharing in her excitement. She will make many new friends, live in a beautiful setting, and learn many new interesting things. Even though many girls wish it is NOT FOREVER!

If she has never been away from home, discuss this with her. Give her a chance to stay overnight at a friend's house or at Grandma's. Be positive; listen to her fears, and write her often at camp. Send a few items to make her sleeping area familiar - a small stuffed animal can work wonders! The American Camp Association has designed a free website specifically for parents and families, which includes some great articles and tips on getting your camper ready for camp and dealing with homesickness.

Your camper is your treasure - and we try to treat her as such! If she has any medical, dietary, or behavioral needs, please let us know. The more we know about her, the more comfortable we can make her feel.

  • Open House
    • We ask that parents do not visit while their camper is at camp. Visits often upset camp routine and trigger homesickness in campers. We would, however, like to invite you to our Annual Open House in June. Take a tour, meet the camp staff, and enjoy the beautiful setting.
    • Camp Menzies Open House
      Sunday, June 8, 2014 1:30-5 p.m.

    • Come and meet the staff, tour the facility, get last minute questions answered, and maybe even meet other campers! Enjoy the scenery, and take in the clean mountain air. Please consider the following rules in preparing for this day:
    • 1. Pets need to stay in the comfort of their own home, or backyard.

      2. Camp Menzies is a smoke-free environment…please adhere to our NO SMOKING policy.

      3. Alcoholic beverages are NOT allowed on camp property.

      4. Please wear closed-toe shoes and socks, as the terrain is rocky.
  • What to Expect on the First Day
    • Please be sure that your camper arrives at the bus stop dressed for camp. She should be wearing a sleeved shirt, fully enclosed shoes (no holes) and socks. You should plan on arriving at the camp bus stop thirty to forty-five minutes before the scheduled departure time. At the bus stop, when you drop your camper off, you will be asked to sign in with council or camp staff. They will collect any medications you have for your camper. After that you will put your luggage in a designated spot. Camp buses are chaperoned to camp by camp staff or Girl Scout council staff. When your camper arrives in camp she will eat the lunch she brought from home with the rest of her unit and her counselors. After lunch, campers spend the day getting familiarized with camp. They will visit the swimming hole for a swim assessment, the health center for a health check and go to the dining hall to learn dining hall procedures. Settling into their unit and playing “get to know you games” are also a big part of the first day.
    • Bus Safety Procedures

    • The following is a list of safety procedures to follow when dropping off or picking up campers: Parents and/or Guardians are responsible for the supervision of their campers and any siblings at all times at the bus stop areas.
    • 1. Please refrain from bringing pets.

      2. Please refrain from smoking at the bus stops.

      3. Alcoholic beverages are NOT allowed at the bus stops.

      4. Drive slowly and watch for pedestrians when you are in the parking lots and near the bus stop.
  • Contacting Camp
    • Mail

    • Mail becomes very important to girls away from home. Mail service to camp can be slow.  We suggest you send a letter the day before she leaves for camp, so that it arrives before she heads home. Mail is delivered after lunch during the camper rest period. Because the first day of camp schedule is different, no mail is delivered to campers on the first day of the session, except for the Camp Comfort kits sold by the Girl Scout Shop.
    • Please address mail for USPS delivery to:

    • [Camper’s Name]
      Camp Menzies c/o General Delivery
      Camp Connell, CA 95223
      Session #: [Program Name]
    • The Session # and Program Name MUST be on the envelope to ensure the camper receives her mail.

    • Positive, upbeat letters help to prevent homesickness.  Save the less cheerful news until she returns home.  Include self-addressed, stamped envelopes and postcards in her luggage so that you will receive mail too!

    • Packages

    • We CANNOT receive UPS packages. If you need to send a package to your camper please contact camp to make arrangements or use the bus mail box.  Healthy snacks are provided, so please do not send packages of goodies (our year-round resident campers, the four-footed variety, like your snacks too!).
    • Bus Mail Box

      A mailbox will be available on check-in day for your camper’s mail (name, session # and program name must be on the envelope). Please make a note on each envelope which day you want the letter delivered (day 2, day 3, etc.).
    • eCamp-one-way E-mail and Photos

    • Camp Menzies uses an internet program created and managed by eCamp, a camp based technology firm.  Parents can log on to a password protected website to see pictures and news from camp for free.  Each unit has a camera that camp staff uses to take pictures of their unit throughout the session.  The staff’s first priority is caring for the campers and providing camp program, pictures are secondary to their responsibilities to their campers.  There are group photos posted on the first and last day of the session and candid photos posted throughout the week.  There are days that due to technical difficulties with our computers, or with the cameras, we do not get photos posted.  We cannot post photos of campers on our travel sessions until they return to camp from their trip.  Although we try our best, we cannot guarantee that we will get a picture of every camper, every day.  For a small fee, parents can set up a one-way e-mail account for their camper through the e-camp website.  E-mails are printed once a day at 10 a.m. and distributed during mail call after lunch, e-mails sent after 10 a.m. will not be printed until the following day.  Girls will not be able to receive e-mails when they are out of camp on trips.  Only parents with campers registered for camp will be able to sign-up for these services. 

      Click here for the eCamp website.
  • Packing
    • Click here to print the equipment list
    • Click here to print the Travel Camp equipment list
    • Click here to print the Two of Us equipment list
    • Due to transportation limitations please limit luggage to:


    • 1. One suitcase, backpack or duffel bag

      2. One sleeping bag

      3. One small bag or daypack
    • Clothing Guidelines

    • For Safety Reasons: We require campers to wear sleeved shirts to prevent sunburn; please DO NOT send halter tops or tank tops. Campers are also required to wear sturdy fully enclosed shoes with a back at all times except when sleeping, grooming or at waterfront areas. We recommend hiking boots or tennis shoes. Campers MAY NOT wear crocs, clogs, etc.
    • Mark all items with your camper’s name.  Clothing should be made of sturdy and washable fabric.  Girls and their clothes will get quite dirty, so old clothes are best.  As hard as one tries, camp dirt never seems to come out.  To assist your camper in returning home with the same belongings she brings to camp, you may wish to tape an equipment list inside her bag. 
    • Please leave the following at home:

    • Cell Phones, Spray Cans, Glass Bottles, Valuable Jewelery, Watches, Rings, Necklaces, Pets, Food, Snacks and Gum, Expensive Cameras, Personal Sports Equipment, Halter, Sleevless or Tank Tops, Sandals or Backless Shoes, Foot Lockers, Money, Televisions, Radios and Computers, Hand Held Video Games, CD's, DVD's, MP-3 Players, and iPods.
    • We do not have the capability of storing these items for safe keeping at camp.
    • Campers will be exposed to mosquitoes during their stay at camp.  Campers can take several steps to minimize the number of mosquito bites they get and the risk of West Nile Virus.  It is recommended that your camper wear long sleeves and long pants at dawn and dusk when mosquitoes are most active.  They should also bring non-aerosol insect repellent that contains 10-30% DEET.  Camp counselors will make every effort to remind campers to apply repellent throughout the day. 








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