Troop Banking & Money Procedures

Money Procedures:

1. Payments for both nuts & candy items and subscriptions are collected at the time when orders are taken, not when product is delivered.

2. Avoid writing personal checks to replace cash that was collected.

3. Checks need to be made payable to Girl Scouts Heart of Central California or GSHCC.

4. The appropriate troop number and girl’s initials MUST be written in the memo line at bottom of each check.

5. Do not leave money in your car or desk.  The troop’s Magazine and Nuts Program Manager is liable for all money he or she collects.

Banking Procedures:

1. Please verify that deposits are correct.  Attach adding machine tape to both the bank and the council’s copies.  If using an excel spreadsheet for deposits, please send a copy with final paperwork.

2. Make sure all checks have been endorsed with appropriate Council Product Sales bank account number.

US Bank – 153455037694
El Dorado Savings – 0043141266
West America - 2350502171

3. List cash and checks on the provided three-part bank deposit slips (your Service Unit name and number is preprinted on each deposit slip. You cannot use over the counter deposit slips.) 

4. Bank should validate each deposit slip or give Troop Magazine & Nuts Program Manager a printed receipt.

5. The bank will keep the top deposit slip; the second copy (or bank receipt) must be submitted with final paperwork; the third copy is for the troop. The validated deposit slip MUST be turned into council.

6. If more than one deposit is made, all deposit slips/receipts must be recorded separately in the Ashdon Farms Web site.

7. REMINDER:  Only deposit the amount owed to the council into the Girl Scouts Heart of Central California’s bank account. Overpayment, TOP and Older Girl Alternative checks will be mailed to service unit treasurers in December.

If a parent has not paid in total for all order(s), inform Service Unit Fall Product Program Manager immediately.  The parent or girl should not receive any product or incentives until this has been resolved.




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