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Our Supporters

Corporate and Foundation Partners

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$10,000 to $49,999

Cambria Solutions
Carlsen Muir Family Foundation
County of Sacramento
Stanislaus County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services
Thomas P. Raley Foundation
Walmart Foundation
Wells Fargo Foundation

$5,000 to $9,999

California State University, Sacramento
Kelly Foundation
LEGO Group*
Point West Rotary Club Foundation
Teichert Foundation

$2,500 to $4,999

Aerojet Rocketdyne Foundation
Baird Foundation
Employers Select Insurance Services, Inc.
Oak Valley Bancorp
Robert W. Baird and Co. Inc. (Roseville)
Rotary Club of South Sacramento Foundation
SAFE Credit Union

$1,000 to $2,499

Gilbert CPA's
Modesto Rotary Club Foundation
Sacramento Region Community Foundation
Sutter Health
U.S. Glass, Inc.

*Through a grant with Girl Scouts of the USA.

Individual Donors

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Anna Davis-Vaughn and Jack Vaughn

$50,000 to $99,999
Debbe Bailey 

$10,000 to $49,999
Ann and Stephen Beede
Beth and James Carlsen
Catherine and Brian Conner
The Estate of Jacqueline Foret

$5,000 to $9,999
The Estate of Robert S. Dart
Patricia Estopinal
Robert and Connie Ferriman
Susan Peters
Kate Reid

$1,000 to $4,999
Lisa and John Arizcuren
Angelica Balderas
Lorraine Beaman
The Estate of Sally Butters
Liz Bergeron and Lori Harmon
Charles Bucaria
Marilyn and Stephen Butler
Robert Canady
Barbara Cowan
Jane Einhorn
Linda E. Farley, Ed.D.
Elaine Franco
Kathy Kirkpatrick
Robin Kren and Mark Hoag
Kimberly Mayes-Bedford
Lynne Meredith
Jenni Murphy Ed.D.
Patricia Pease
Carol Wieckowski-Dreyer
Deborah EG Wilder
Deborah Ziegler

$500 to $999
Bernadette Austin
Melza and Ted Barr
Morgan Bauer and Christine Foster
Bruce Bostick
Abbey and William DeGraffenreid
Barbara and James Eychaner
Daniel Herteg Jr.
Roy and Doris Johnson
Fawzia Keval, Ed.D. and Ashraf Keval
Linda Lawrence
Kate and Roland Nyegaard
Michael O'Connor
Julie Quinn
Karen Shaw
Devon Stewart
Jeanne Vance
Charlotte Williams

$250 to $499
Doris Alexis
Dana Aman
Debbie Avila
Janet Baillie
Chris J. Brown
Carol Cowan
Michelle Cunningham
Virginia and Fred DeGregory
Anne Eychaner
Juanita Garcia
Holly Garrett
Sara and Greg Hanson
Kathy and Rebecca Kingsbury
Jean Landeen
Jane Landers
Carolyn and James McManigal
Teri and Rick Niello
Mitchell S Ostwald
Kathy and Joshua Provenzano
Barby and Carol Pulliam
Stephanie and Brian Rubinstein
Catherine Betts Sapunor
Julie Saugstad
Sue Schoneman
Sharon and Gary Silkman
Anna and Christopher Symkowick-Rose
Suzanne Trimble
Heidi Truitt
Susan Wojdac

Juliette Gordon Low Society Members

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Erik and Eva Andersen Girl Scout Movement-Wide Planned Gift
Gail Bakker
Dianne Belk and Lawrence Calder Girl Scout Movement-Wide Challenge Planned Gift
The Estate of Sally Butters
Robert S. Dart Revocable Trust
Anna Davis-Vaughn and Jack Vaughn
Abbey and William DeGraffenreid
Virginia and Fred DeGregory
The Estate of Ruth P. Donato
Patricia Estopinal 
Anne Eychaner
Linda E. Farley, Ed.D.
Robert and Connie Ferriman 
Elfrena Foord
The Estate of Jacqueline Foret
Juanita Garcia
Rebecca Gardner and Rodney Moy
The Estate of Peggy E. Goforth
The Estate of Rose A. Hoeper
Robin Kren and Mark Hoag 
Valerie and Steven Lease 
Alana Mathews, Esq.
The Estate of Mary Winifred Maynard
The Estate of Eleanor J. Mulch
Jenni Murphy, Ed.D., and Terry Murphy
J. Edward and Leslie S. Parker
Barby and Carl Pulliam 
Pamela Saltenberger
The Estate of Doris Scanlon
Beth Leonard Schatz 
Elena Schwed
Donna Snyder 
Moni Van Camp
Ann and David Wallace
Renee and Dale Waters  
Debra and Jeffrey Werolin
Charlotte Williams 

Tribute Gifts

In Memory of Catherine "Kay" Banghart
Denise Nordell

In Memory of Mary Barker
Marissa and Tim Eng
J. Edward and Leslie S. Parker
Frances Sutz

In Memory of Shirley Bussone
Madonna Barlow

In Memory of Denise Karen Butters
Jodie Butters Welge/The Estate of Sally Butters

In Memory of Sally Butters
Elena Assali
Peggy and Robert Buckner
Linda Hayward
Roy and Doris Johnson
Michael and Claire Simi
Jan True
Jodie Butters Welge
Degree of Pocahontas Wenonah Council #2

In Memory of Erin Dickman
Kathy Kerdus

In Memory of Judy Everett
Deborah L. Barrell

In Memory of Irene Farley
Linda E. Farley, Ed.D.

In Memory of Evelin Hartmetz
Karen Sorenson

In Memory of William Latham
Anne and George Britton
Judy Herrero
Jane Landers
Daniel Latham
Gianna and Reece Richards

In Memory of Elaine Lederer
Susan Economos

In Memory of Pat Maneely
Elena Schwed

In Memory of Enza McCormick
Rita and William Habeeb
Linda S. Johnson
Marilyn Rocha
Margaret Ann Waldron
Barbara Whatcott

In Memory of Vivian Marie Seagraves McNeill
Larch McNeill

In Memory of Phyllis Ogden
Pamela Cwiklo

In Memory of Linda Osnes
Julie Saugstad

In Memory of Patricia Patchin
Maria Patchin

In Memory Of Gloria Payne
Anna Davis-Vaughn and Jack Vaughn

In Memory of Dorothy Johnson Schroeder
Lesley Schroeder

In Memory of Debbie Scott
Engman Family

In Memory of Marilynn Shannon
Kathy Kirkpatrick

In Memory Of Christopher Miller Spirnak
Anna Davis-Vaughn and Jack Vaughn


In Honor of Morgan Bauer
Marguerite and Brett Foster
Patricia Sweigert  

In Honor of Mrs. Elaine Effort
Flojaune & Taureen Cofer

In Honor of Marissa Eng
Marilyn and Stephen Butler

In Honor of Girls Who Kick A** Everywhere
Chrissy Farley Dodson

In Honor of Pam Greenidge
Stacey Shelnut-Hendrick

In Honor of the Amazing Staff at GSHCC
Evelyn and Gerry Maginnity

In Honor of Judy Guthertz
Christine and Bruce Craver
Anna Davis-Vaughn and Jack Vaughn
Julie and Kent Shiraishi

In Honor of Diane Guyer, Marilyn Schaffer, and Beth Timmis
Caldwell Family

In Honor of Sarah Huggins
Ruth Huggins

In Honor of Robin Kren

In Honor of Amy R. Lawrence
Eleanor and Robert Lawrence

In Honor of Maddie
Nancy Sanfilippo 

In Honor of MaryAnn Boyd Mahoney
Eileen Mahoney

In Honor of My Mother
Heather Campbell

In Honor of Jackie Simon
Karen German

In Honor of Beth Timmis, Diane Guyer, and Marilyn Schaffer
Caldwell Family

In Honor of Rose Giblin Vance
Jeanne Bradley  

In Honor of First Female VP of the USA             
Alicia Allen    

In Honor of Jody Westbury
Jodi and Brian Scheffler

In Honor of Charlotte Williams
Wealth Strategies, Office of Bill Bailey

In-Kind Donors

Bayer U.S. LLC - Crop Science
Burnett & Sons
Comstock's Magazine
CSI Construction
Debra and Brian Seifert
DPR Construction
Kate Meis
KP General Contracting
Laurie and Mike Marshall
LB Construction
Lund Construction Co.
Norman Marshall
OES Equipment
Royal Electric
Rudolph & Sletten
Swinerton Builders
The Boldt Company
Turner Construction Company
Winnie Comstock-Carlson

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Thank you for everything you do for Girl Scouts.

An investment in Girl Scouting is broader than a cause or a cure. It is a commitment to the next generation of self-sufficient and capable women. Your support made a difference in the lives of countless girls.

This list includes contributions and in-kind donations made from October 1, 2020 through September 30, 2021. We do our best to ensure an accurate listing; however, should there be an error, please let us know by contacting Fund Development at

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