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GSHCC’s mandated reporter training for our volunteers launched February 1, 2022. We encourage you to complete this as soon as possible so your volunteer experience is not interrupted. As an appreciated volunteer, we know you understand the importance of keeping girls safe.

The State of California recently adopted Assembly Bill 506, adding all youth service organizations to the list of organizations whose volunteers and staff must complete training in child abuse and neglect reporting, become mandated reporters, and undergo Live Scan background checks (which you'll learn more about in Phase 2 of our roll-out). 

The mandated reporter training can be met in one of two ways: by completing the two-hour online training provided by the Office of Child Abuse Prevention in the State Department of Social Services, OR 
if you have taken the training within the last two years, and it meets the state’s AB 506 requirements, you can upload proof of completion. 

We ask that you please complete the mandated reporter training by Thursday, June 30, 2022. 

Our commitment is to provide as much support as possible to ensure our volunteers are not severely impacted by time/travel issues.  We will continue to update you on this process, but want to make you all aware of the new requirements. 

Mandated Reporter Training Course Information

1. This course is located in gsLearn. Login to your myGS account. Then, select gsLearn from the left navigation panel.


2. If you do not see the course listed on your dashboard, click “Content” on the left-hand side, and search for “634 Mandated Reporter Training.”

Please Note: When you login to gsLearn for the first time, there may be a delay while all the courses to load; if you do not see this course on your dashboard, logout of the system, and wait 30 mins.-1 hour before trying again.


3. Use the information and link listed in the first module of the course to navigate to the California Child Abuse Mandated Reporter Training Project Website.

4. Create an account and complete the two-hour training for volunteers.


5. At the conclusion of the course, download your completion certificate.

6. Return to the 634 Mandated Reporter Training course in gsLearn to upload your certificate.


7. A staff member will review your certificate and mark the course complete within ten business days.  

8. Training will need to be completed every two years.
Please Note: If you have completed child abuse and neglect training for work or other volunteer services within the last two years that meet the state’s AB 506 requirements, you need to upload proof of completion that includes the date the course was completed to the gsLearn course module for review and marking.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Customer Care at 800.322.4475 or