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The VTK at Home

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We are excited to share that access to the Volunteer Toolkit is now available to families who wish to bring the exploration, fun and learning of Girl Scouts to your family even when circumstances are keeping Girl Scout troops from meeting up in person. This will allow you to make your own “at home” year plan, in addition to the year plan your troop is working on. If you are interested in joining the Girl Scouts at Home troop, please follow the directions below.  

VTK at home instructions

  • Log into your MyGS account.
  • Select Member Profile
  • Select the Membership tab, if you’re not already there.
  • Click Add/Change Troops under one of the active girl members in your household. (If you have more than one girl, you only need to do this once.) This will take you to our Opportunity Catalog.
  • In the Troop # box, enter Girl Scouts at Home. Clear out your zip code, so that the zip code box is empty, and click SEARCH
Image displaying steps on how to add troop # into which online field
  • 6. From the search results, check the box to the left of the Troop / Group called Girl Scouts at Home MY20 (634). The troop will pop up into Your Selection. Click Next.
Image of steps on how to select a troop from search results
  • That’s it!  You will now see Girl Scouts at Home MY20 (634) as another way your girl participates in Girl Scouts in addition to her troop.
  • Hover over MyGS in the top right corner of your screen and click on Volunteer Toolkit. Click the down arrow in the top right, and select your girl’s name instead of her troop to get to the Explore tab of the VTK.  You still have access to the year plan your troop leader has selected and your family now has access to explore more badge activities, if you want.