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Volunteer Spotlight

Each month, we are happy to highlight a volunteer at GSHCC who dedicates their time and talent to Girl Scouts. Thank you volunteers for helping build girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place.

April 2020: Rebecca Amico

Volunteer Spotlight  - Abby Silver

Rebecca Amico

Where do you work and what do you do?  
I am the National Scheduling Coordinator for Icing Smiles, Inc.  We are a non-profit network of volunteers that provides custom cakes for critically-ill kids and their siblings.  My role is to oversee a team of State Coordinators who work to connect these families with their volunteer “Sugar Angels.”

Were you a Girl Scout? If yes, where? 
Yes!  We moved a lot when I was a kid, so I was just a Brownie for a few years in West Virginia.  

How long have you volunteered with Girl Scouts? What volunteer role do you have? 
This is my 9th scouting year with Girl Scouts.  I started a Daisy troop in 2012 and now have 17 Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors and one Ambassador.  I joined the Antelope Highlands Service Team in 2014 as Service Unit Cookie Manager, which I held for 6 scouting years.  I’m now the Service Unit Event Coordinator.  I served with a former Product Sales Director on a volunteer advisory team and traveled with her to Chicago with ABC Bakers and IBM to help build the new Smart Cookies platform.

Why do you volunteer for Girl Scouts? 
I believe so strongly that girls need a single-gendered space to grow and flourish.  I also believe that girls and women are influenced by society to compete with each other, and I want to foster sisterhood among girls.  I also love being able to help others with their missions to lead and raise strong girls!

What’s your favorite thing about volunteering with Girl Scouts?  
Seeing the seeds planted long ago coming to fruition.  Watching girls live things they learned in Girl Scouts.  Knowing that we’re making a difference!

What advice would you give to young girls?  
Never let anyone else define who you are, what you want, what you can do, or your successes! It’s okay to have down days, too.  Take that day, cry it out, then lay it to rest with love and light the next day! 

Favorite Girl Scout Cookie flavor?  
As if there’s just one…

Outside of volunteering, what are a few of your hobbies? 
I love cooking, camping, cake decorating, traveling, and games. Music, music, music!  I miss my days of volunteering as a Music Docent for my kids’ schools!  I also am a strong advocate for people with Special Needs.

Anything else you’d like to share about your experience with Girl Scouts (history with organization, recognitions or awards received, etc. If sharing recognitions/awards, please share what you did to earn that!)?  
I’m not good at this!  I’ve earned the Volunteer of Excellence award from my service unit for two different roles.  I believe that was simply done by always bringing my best to help anyone who needs it.  I was awarded the Volunteer Appreciation pin as well for my work on the Service Team.  The best recognition, though, is the thanks and hugs I get from my girls and their parents!  Those are what will live on in my heart.


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