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Volunteer Spotlight

Each month, we are happy to highlight a volunteer at GSHCC who dedicates their time and talent to Girl Scouts. Thank you volunteers for helping build girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place.

July 2018: Heidi Allen


If there has been a Girl Scout volunteer need in the past four decades, Heide Allen has jumped in and given it her all. Product Sales, Service Team, Troop Leader, Troop Organizer, Resident Camp, and more, there is no volunteer opportunity that Heide hasn’t tried (and succeeded in!). In her 44th year as a Girl Scout volunteer, Heide is still as committed as ever. She’s currently the Northrose Service Unit Treasurer and the Modesto Cookie Cupboard volunteer. Thank you Heide for your dedication and outstanding volunteer service with Girl Scouts! 

Name: Heide Allen     

Where do you work and what do you do?

I am now retired.

Were you a Girl Scout? If yes, where?

Unfortunately I never had the opportunity as a girl.

How long have you volunteered with Girl Scouts? What volunteer role do you have? 

I have been a volunteer for 44 years which includes 44 years of cookies.  Currently I am Northrose Service Unit Treasurer and the Modesto Cookie Cupboard.  My past volunteer roles have included leader, troop, service unit and council product sales manager.  I’ve co-directed resident camp and organized and supervised trip camping.  I’ve also been an organizer of troops.  For 14 years I chaired a wine tasting event benefitting our Girl Scout Council.  After 44 years, it’s hard to remember all the many things I’ve been involved in.  LOL!

Why do you volunteer for Girl Scouts?

Why does anyone volunteer for Girl Scouts?  For the girls of course.  I believe very strongly in the principles and goals of Girl Scouts.  We have been a Girl Scout family for 44 years. As I look back on my years as a Girl Scout, I realize that even though I spent many years as a volunteer, mentoring girls and adults alike, Girl Scouts has given back so much to my life.  I could not imagine my life without Girl Scouts in it. 

What’s your favorite thing about volunteering with Girl Scouts? 

Watching girls grow into confident young women is wonderful.  But, I have also watched adult leaders grow the same way.

What advice would you give to young girls? 

Stick with Girl Scouts – the rewards of growing and learning with Girl Scouts are so worth it.  I have watched the girls in the troops I have lead turn into remarkable young women and leaders.  The opportunity to explore and try new things is at their fingertips.

Favorite Girl Scout Cookie flavor?

So who doesn’t like Thin Mints? However my favorites are Caramel DeLites.

Outside of volunteering, what are a few of your hobbies?

I am an avid gardener and a gourmet cook.  Love being outdoors.  I am also a dedicated volunteer and currently volunteer for 3 organizations besides Girl Scouts.


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