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Past Volunteer Spotlights

Each month, we are happy to highlight a volunteer at GSHCC who dedicates their time and talent to Girl Scouts. Below you can read our past volunteers of the month.

May 2018: Nicole Nuñez

This month, we’re excited to highlight Nicole Nuñez, a cancer research scientist, who volunteers in the Sacramento STEM Center + MakerSpace. 

Name: Nicole Nuñez

Were you a Girl Scout? If yes, where?
No (but I wish I was!)

How long have you volunteered with Girl Scouts?
5 months (began January 2018).

Why do you volunteer for Girl Scouts?
I volunteer for Girl Scouts because I believe that girls deserve an environment where they can take calculated risks, build their confidence and develop critical skillsets in STEM that are essential for ensuring society’s prosperous future.  

What’s your favorite thing about volunteering with Girl Scouts?
My favorite thing about volunteering for Girl Scouts is that girls get a chance to get hands on experience implementing their own creative ideas to solve problems. When taking a risk, we don’t always succeed, but Girl Scouts teaches girls that with every failure comes a learning experience that can be used to make your next idea even better!

What advice would you give to young girls interested in learning more about the STEM fields?
There are now more STEM fields to choose from than ever before, with fascinating combinations at the interface of multiple sectors such as engineering textiles for fashion, creating new foods with biochemistry, and coding for medical applications. Think about what you like to do for fun and see how you can integrate innovative STEM ideas into your hobbies!

Favorite Girl Scout Cookie flavor?
Caramel deLites

Outside of volunteering, what are a few of your hobbies?

  • Theater and dance performances such as acting and crew volunteer
  • Running, snowboarding and back-county hiking
  • Painting, scrapbooking, and creative applications to projects