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Your Health and Safety Come First: COVID-19

Last updated 9/24/2020

Thank you for your feedback and support as we navigate the guidance for in-person troop meetings. The safety of our members and girls is our number one priority, and we understand girls need to feel a sense of belonging – now more than ever.

Recently GSHCC put forth guidance for in-person troop meetings based on the Blue Print for a Safer Economy. Our decision was based on schools returning to in-person learning.  While this is a goal to get all youth back to in-person learning, it may not represent the best criteria for when troops can meet in-person. Further review of the Blue Print for a Safer Economy and the California Department of Health guidelines for children participating in youth groups and day camps provide us with additional guidance on in-person troop meetings.

GSHCC will follow the COVID-19 - Industry Guidance: Cohorts for children and youth in supervised settings. This guidance is state-wide and applies to groups of children participating in youth groups and day camps.  Here is the link to the California Department of Public Health Guidance Related to Cohorts – Updated September 4, 2020. Cohorts must be limited to no more than 14 children and youth and no more than two supervising adults, or a configuration of no more than 16 individuals total (children and youth or adults) in the cohort.

Please continue to check our website for updates or changes.  We will continue to update in-person troop and service unit meetings as conditions continue to change. Thank you for your consideration and support.

Here are two blog posts from Raising Awesome Girls that you may find helpful during these times:

When will GSHCC staff begin hosting in-person events?

As things are rapidly changing, we have decided to not hold in-person events through September 30. Our first few months of virtual events have been widely attended, because these events are reaching so many girls, we will continue to focus our work in the virtual space. For more information on our current virtual offerings please refer to the following:

What is the best way to get in touch with council staff if I have questions?

Presently, our program centers are not open to the public and the majority of staff are working remotely. We have added staff to our Customer Care Team so that we can more quickly address any questions or concerns you have. For the quickest response, please reach out to us through email:

Are the GSHCC shops open?

Girl Scouts Heart of Central California GS Shops is following state and county guidelines. Be sure to check our website before you leave to assure conditions have not changed.