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Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scouts = A Sisterhood across the Nation

Girl Scout cookies are sold throughout the U.S. at different times, but usually from January through April. When the COVID-19 pandemic took hold, many councils had just started their cookie sales, and had to end their in-person sales. In-person sales are largely how cookies are distributed. 

Here at Girl Scouts Heart of California, we were fortunate that our cookie sale was nearly complete. Some troops had remaining inventory, and we purchased back that inventory so there was no financial burden to our members. 

If you can, please support Girl Scouts councils across our country who were affected by COVID-19. To help, visit this site and find a council that you’d like to support. Just enter your zip code and choose a council near our area, or enter a zip code of a council you know that you’d like to support. Please note, only councils whose sales were greatly affected are on the council list. 

Thank you for your support!