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After-School Partnerships

Each year, thousands of girls in our region participate in after-school programs that provide opportunities for academic support, physical activities and enrichment. Many of these programs take place at schools receiving Title I funding, financial assistance provided to schools with high percentages of children from low-income families to help ensure that all students meet academic standards. Others operate in community centers, migrant camps, apartment complexes and other informal settings and are funded through community efforts. Girl Scouts supports after-school providers by sponsoring programs for girls that blend critical life-skill development with activities that support academic success and leadership.

Our After-School Partnerships Program makes participation in Girl Scouts easy, affordable, and fun for girls, their families, and after-school providers.

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Girls & Parents or Guardians

  • Have fun with your friends and learn new skills in your after-school program
  • Enjoy the safety and support of girl-only spaces
  • Receive information about fun and affordable Girl Scouts weekend and evening events in your area that get you outside your neighborhood
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After-School Providers

  • Accommodate the busy schedules and multiple priorities of your after-school staff
  • Keep pace with the ever-changing needs and interests of the girls in your program
  • Help your program meet the Quality Standards for Expanded Learning in California

Learn how your after-school program can participate!

If you are an after-school provider at a Title One school or are part of an after-school program in an underserved community, you may be eligible to participate in our After-School Partnerships Program. Contact our Community Partnerships Team today to take advantage of this unique opportunity to bring Girl Scouts to your after-school program!




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