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National Council Session

Your Girl Scout adventure continues!

Looking for a unique experience in your Girl Scout experience? In July 2023, Girl Scouts from all over the world will assemble in Orlando, Florida. Every three years, GSUSA holds its National Council Session, a convention, where policy is made, elections for the National Board of Directors and National Board Development Committee are held. The weekend then continues with G.I.R.L. 2023, a collection of activities, speakers, and numerous fabulous, fun and learning experiences are had, just for girls! Wouldn’t you like to the part of that tremendous experience?

Mark your calendars!

National Council Session & G.I.R.L. 2023 ~ July 2023

[exact dates and schedules to come]

I think the best part about being a delegate for me was the business part itself. The feeling of walking into a huge room and thinking, ‘oh there is not gonna be that many girls here, it’s gonna be mainly adults’, and seeing an almost a wave of girls. And not only were we there voting, but a lot of the discussion was run by the girls. It was a real eye-opening experience for me, that I did not have to be 30 years old with a long line of education, to be able to discuss topics that were going to not only affect me but the girls around me and the future generations of Girl Scouts.

Renee E.
2017-2020 NCS Delegate

The GSHCC Board Development Committee will review your “Girl Scout” resume and statements telling why you would like to attend. There are both girl and adult volunteer positions (several of each) available. Alternates will also be chosen. 

Please note some very important qualifications for an NCS Delegate (for the complete list, see the Position Information sheet):

  1. Must be available to attend the National Council Session for the business sessions scheduled for July of 2023. 
        -For girls, letters of request from GSHCC CEO, Dr. Linda Farley, can be written to excuse you from school, if needed.
  2. Serve for a full triennium (3 years) and become a member of the GSHCC Representative Assembly (you may not serve concurrently as a Service Unit rep)
  3. Commit to attending, and possibly assist with, training sessions, briefings, and forums
  4. May be asked to help with council activities, meetings or training
  5. Have a working knowledge of parliamentary procedure by NCS time (training available)
  6. Willingness to communicate with staff, service units, members and volunteers

GSHCC will pay the airfare, hotel, meals, and registration for the National Council Session and G.I.R.L. 2023. View the complete position information sheet and fill out the application.

Direct any questions you have to