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What is the Representative Assembly?

The Representative Assembly is the group of all voting members of the council. The Assembly members, also known as Representatives, provide input for and vote on policy decisions, amend the bylaws and articles of incorporation as needed and elect the Board of Directors and National Council Delegates. 

Who are the Assembly members?


Each Service Unit shall appoint from among its active, registered members two (2) individuals to represent that Service Unit in the Representative Assembly (“Service Unit Representatives”) and one (1) alternate (“Alternate”), who may act only in the absence of an appointed Service Unit Representative at any Representative Assembly meeting.

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Up to 10 girls-at-large from throughout the Council.  These Representatives are selected by the Board Representative Committee via an application process. 

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Board of Directors for the council, elected by the Assembly at each Annual Meeting. 


Up to 18 National Council Delegates, who are elected by the Assembly every three years. 

Board Representative Committee
The committee is responsible for managing the functions of the Representative Assembly; facilitating the review of proposals submitted by the Assembly and/or the Board; fostering two-way communication between the Board of Directors and the Representatives; and appointing Girls-At-Large to the Representative Assembly.

The members of this committee are:

    Alana Mathews, Esq., Chair & Board member 

    Marie Calkins, Volunteer

    Nanette Langston, Volunteer

    Roxann Phillips, Volunteer

Two Way Communication

Representatives are information-gatherers; a link between the members of the council and the council board and staff. Two way communication is essential to keep all Girl Scouts, membership and leadership, moving in the right direction together with little or no confusion. 

Fostering Two-Way Communication


Email is the most frequent and fastest form of communication between Girl Scouts Heart of Central California (GSHCC) and the Assembly. Please keep your information up-to-date.


Forums are held each year to solicit input and hold discussions on relevant issues. You  should discuss the issues with your membership and bring the results of those discussions to the meetings.


The Annual Meeting is where Representatives share the feelings of their membership on council and/or national proposals.


newsletter for Representatives is distributed at least twice a year.  You should share relevant information with your membership.


Opinion Surveys may be conducted to gain quick opinions on various topics.  You should get membership input on the topics prior to responding to the survey.


Representatives can request to attend a board meeting and provide feedback on surveys and forum discussions. You may be asked to bring issues from the Board of Directors back to the Assembly and membership.

Training and Duties


Attend all Representative Assembly meetings including the Annual Meeting, Representative Training and Regional Forums. 


Report concerns and decisions of the Assembly and the Board of Directors to the service unit members via service team or service unit leader meetings.


Report concerns and decisions of the membership and service units to the Board of Directors and/or council leadership.


Participate in any business that may come before the Representative Assembly, such as national proposals to be voted on at National Council Session, amending the bylaws, etc.


Influence the direction for Girl Scouting locally by:  receiving and acting upon reports of the Board of Directors, giving guidance to the Board of Directors, relaying information and concerns from the membership to the Board and council, responding to opinion surveys, and actively participating in discussions. 

Save the Date!

The 2019 GSHCC Annual Meeting, will be Saturday, February 2, 2019 . The Annual Meeting is where we conduct the official business of the council and applaud our hardest working volunteers. 

Have you been involved in Girl Scouts for 20 years or more? You have a special honor coming. While you may purchase Membership Numeral Guards starting at five years of involvement, GSHCC makes a special presentation to members who have 20 or more years in Girl Scouts at the annual meeting. If you'd like to be included in the pin presentation, please complete the "Years of Service" form by January 11, 2019. Membership Numeral Guards are available in five-year increments (20, 25, 30, 35, and so on).