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Our council’s 18 horses travel to new locations each month throughout the winter and spring before moving up to Camp Menzies in the summer.


At Camp Menzies

Every girl who attends a session at Camp Menzies is given the opportunity to ride a horse for at least an hour during her stay, regardless of which program she attends. We also offer a series of horse-themed programs that spend extra time with the horses, learning more about their care and participating in longer trail rides and experiences.

Girls who are 15 and/or entering 10th grade can choose to be WIT at Camp Menzies during our summer season. The wrangler-in-training program at Camp Menzies includes the orientation and workshops as well as the opportunity for girls to fulfill their program commitment for the year.


Sponsor a Horse

Sponsor your favorite horse to help keep him or her happy, healthy, housed, and available for horse programs year round. Your sponsorship helps defray the costs of caring for the horses, updating equipment, special feeds and medicines, veterinarian visits and other unexpected costs.

Here is a breakdown of some approximate typical costs for horses:


$7-8  Cost of one bale of hay (this feeds one horse for one week)


$20  New halter and lead rope


$40  One new horseback riding helmet


$60 Cost for one farrier service (getting shoes put on one horse)


$100 Annual vaccines for one horse


$200–$300  A Western saddle


$500 Emergency vet visit for a sick or injured horse