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Resident Camp FAQ

Medical Q &A

What if my camper needs medical attention?

We have a health care manager on site that is a certified EMT and/or Wilderness First Responder. All staff are trained in First Aid and CPR and at least one staff member on every trip and/or travel program is certified in Wilderness First Aid. We have a physician we can consult by phone and a local clinic and hospital service if needed. It takes at least 45 minutes to transport someone to the next level of care. In some situations it may take longer. We will notify parents as soon as possible if their child becomes ill or is injured seriously enough to be taken to the doctor, or to spend more than a few hours in the health center.

Can special foods be provided?

The camp cooks can meet most special needs. If your daughter has special dietary needs due to medical or religious reasons, please specify her needs in writing on her Health History form and contact the camp director prior to camp arrival.

What health and safety standards are maintained at Camp Menzies?

Camps must meet established standards for health and safety, site, program and personnel, which are set by state and local governments and Girl Scouts of the USA. The camp staff is also trained in safety and emergency procedures.

Are campers covered by insurance?

All campers are covered by sickness and accident insurance. The cost is included in the camp fee.

Will my camper need a physical examination to attend camp?

No. However, a current health history form completed by the parents must be received in the program center four weeks prior to their camp session. Camp can be physically demanding-although a physical examination is no longer required to attend camp, we recommend that you discuss camp with your health care provider and be clear about any restrictions to your campers activities on the health history form.


Communicating with my Camper Q & A

Can my camper call home?

We have limited phone availability. The few phones that we do have must be available for camp business. The council office maintains daily contact with camp and we will be happy to check on your camper if you have a concern. Homesickness is not uncommon the first few days. We find that by the second or third day, the campers have adjusted to the environment and become busy and happy campers.

Can I visit the camp?

We invite you to attend our Open House in June, which allows campers and their parents to visit the camp, tour the facility, and meet staff who will be working there. The camp director will be available to answer any questions you may have.

Can I e-mail my camper?

We invite you to attend our Open House in June, which allows campers and their parents to visit the camp, tour the facility, and meet staff who will be working there. The camp director will be available to answer any questions you may have.


General Q&A

What are the counselors like?

Camp staff members are enthusiastic, talented and caring adults, who are selected on the basis of their experience, ability to serve as positive role models and their genuine desire to work with children. The ratio of counselors to girls varies with the age of the campers. Camp units with younger girls have the greatest ratio of counselors to campers.

What training does camp staff receive?

Camp staff receive extensive on-site training prior to the arrival of all campers. Training includes activity programming and outdoor skills, songs, games, first aid and safety, team building, age level characteristics, how to deal with homesickness, and more. Staff who supervise high adventure activities are required to have additional training and qualifications.

Where do girls sleep?

Sleeping arrangements vary, depending on the camp program you choose. Campers sleep on metal beds with mattresses in a sleeping cabin with solid walls, roof and screened windows. Or on mattresses in tents.

Can my camper be in the same unit as her friends (buddy)?

Prior to camp placement your camper may request to be with one special friend in the same unit and program (if her friend is about the same age and ability). To be considered for the same unit, both girls must request each other and the registration forms need to be mailed in the same envelope. Girls requesting a buddy must mail or fax in their forms together, you cannot request a buddy when your register online. After placement, if two or more friends are attending the same session and program together, parents can request that they be placed in the same tent using the Parent Letter to the Counselors which is included in the camp information packet.

What is ACA?

Camp Menzies is a member of the American Camp Association (ACA). Every three years, a team of ACA officials, who are camping professionals, visit the camp to evaluate compliance with the high standards set by a national ACA standards board. ACA standards address the camp’s practices, policies and procedures as they relate to personnel, program, administration, and site and facilities. Camp Menzies was visited in the summer of 2013 and our accreditation was renewed. Only camps that are accredited may bear the American Camp Association accredited seal.