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Troop Camp

Is your troop looking to experience the outdoors together? Look no further than our troop camping weekends! Offered throughout the year, these experiences are tremendous for troops just getting started and troops looking for a “wow” experience. Combining outdoor skills, community service and sometimes even horses, check out the programs now before they fill. Many troops enjoy these experiences because it gives them an opportunity to network with other troops. There are a variety of troop camping opportunities throughout the year, including the Jamboree Campore, Wild Weekends and more.

Visit activities at the beginning of each month to see what new opportunities are available!


Independent Troop Camping

Just getting started in the outdoors? GSHCC is here to support you in getting prepared. First, GSHCC requires GS Camping 101 for all leaders, which begins with an in-person training. Second, leaders are asked to demonstrate their outdoor skills, typically at a GSHCC weekend program. Contact us to learn more about the training process. After you complete this program, you will be ready to take your troop on adventures on your own.

Planning your own troop camping experience? Check out our facility rental options to camp at one of our GSHCC properties.


Outdoor Badge Meeting Plans

For each Girl Scout level, the Outdoor Journey is anchored by the newest Girls’ Choice badge: Troop Camping. The outdoor badges and experiences are progressive, which will allow girls and troops to learn new skills, put the skills to use, and build on their knowledge year after year. From their first steps on a woodland path as Daisies to going survival camping as Ambassadors, girls will take the lead by planning their trips, practicing survival skills, and pushing themselves as they have unforgettable adventures.

Click on the grade level below to download the meeting plans and girl workbook (in PDF format).