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Schedule Your Own

How to use Schedule Your Own

Girl Scouts partners with organizations across our council to offer many fun and engaging Girl Scouts activities! Check out our list of partners who run unique programs tailored to the STEM, Entrepreneurship, Life Skills and Outdoor pillars, as well as Volunteer Opportunities. Schedule Your Own is simple and fast! Click the link below to see a Spreadsheet with our Schedule Your Own partners. You’ll find details about the activities and badge programs available, then just browse the list and contact the partner directly.

Looking to run a Service Unit or Troop Event? Elevate it by adding an expert session or training through GSHCC’s Approved Partners. Simply contact the organization you would like for your event and discuss your options (opportunities may vary).

**Please note: Parent/guardians/troop leaders are responsible for compliance of Safety Activity Checkpoints field trip requirements.

COVID Disclaimer:

Please connect with Schedule Your Own Partners prior to scheduling an activity to review their COVID policies. All partners must follow all county, state, and federal COVID policies, however, their policies may differ from GSHCC council policies. It is GSHCC members' responsibility to follow GSHCC Council Safety Activity Checkpoints and current GSHCC COVID policies for all Girl Scout activities.

You can find Approved Vendors on the Schedule Your Own Partner List!

Approved Vendors are high risk/adventure organizations vetted by Girl Scouts Heart of California. They provide high quality Girl Scout experiences, meet the requirements of the Safety Activity Checkpoints (SAC) and hold a Certificate of Liability Insurance (COI) for Girl Scout members. The council must approve Approved Vendors for activities that are considered high adventure/high risk BEFORE a troop uses the site or vendor for a troop, service unit or council event. To submit an Approve Vendor Request or learn more about what is considered high risk, please click here. If a partner is listed on Schedule Your Own but is not listed as an Approved Vendor, that means they are a vetted partner, but are not high risk so they do not need to hold a COI.

Have an organization to add to the list? Submit an application form!

  • Approved Vendors Form
  • Community Partner Application Form
  • Volunteer Opportunities Request Form

Looking to request a Council Staff led program in your area?

  • Request a Program from GSHCC staff Form