How the Cookie Crumbles | GSHCC

How the Cookie Crumbles

Cost of Cookies, Credit Card Fees, Promotions and Distribution: Wholesale cost of cookies purchased, credit card fees, shipping and other program promotions, and distribution costs.

Troop Proceeds and Girl Rewards: Rewards and incentives as well as proceeds that go directly to troops, who can then use the funds for community service projects, program opportunities, travel, and more.

Council Services: Customer service support, financial assistance to girls and volunteers for Girl Scout memberships and event registration.

Member Support: Support for new and veteran volunteers, training, marketing resources and supplies to promote and support Girl Scout membership.

Properties: Maintenance and upkeep of residential camps and program facilities across the region.

Girl Experience and Outdoor Programming: Experiences in the areas of STEM, outdoor skills, leadership opportunities, and more; support of Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Rose Award projects; equine care and programming at camp properties; and more!