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Fall Product Program


This fall, Girl Scouts Heart of Central California is offering troops and girls the opportunity to participate in the Girl Scout Fall Product Program through M2 and Ashdon Farms. This program provides a progressive experience that builds innovative and entrepreneurial-minded leaders and helps troops earn funds needed to kick-off their year.

Interested in participating? Contact your troop leader or fall product manager to get started. Not in a troop? Contact Customer Care to participate as a Juliette or individually registered Girl Scout. Thank you for your support of the girls, troops and council by purchasing or participating in the fall product program!

Thank you for your support!
M2 Online Platform

The 5 Skills


GOAL SETTING: Learning how to set goals individually and as a group, and creating a plan to reach them, develops cooperation, planning and team-building skills that she can use in daily life.

Real life application: Setting a goal to reach a higher GPA in school.


DECISION MAKING: Learning to make decisions, such as how the troop will use the money, and working as a group will help her to develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.

Real life application: Weighing the benefits of which college she wants to attend.


 MONEY MANAGEMENT: Handling money helps her gain practical life skills around financial literacy. Learning to budget and deciding how she will spend her money is a valuable life lesson.

Real life application: Saving her money for something she really wants versus spending it on frivolous things.


PEOPLE SKILLS: Learning how to talk to, listen to and work with all kinds of people allows your Girl Scout to develop healthy relationships and conflict resolution skills.

Real life application: Becoming captain of her soccer team because she excels at teamwork and communication.


BUSINESS ETHICS: Practicing good business ethics like being honest and responsible reinforces the positive values she is developing as a Girl Scout. 

Real life application: Being an active contributor to a group project instead of letting others do all the work.

How to Support

Girl Scouts and customers have a variety of options to participate and support the fall product program.

Nuts and Candy

Girl Delivery (online) 
This option is highly recommended for local customers. Girls can send an email link to their customers. Customers can purchase the sixteen items offered on the order card and pay for them online. Girls will deliver items to customers so there are no shipping charges. Items should be delivered to customers by November 25, 2020. This is the most contactless option while still maintaining a personal touch.

Direct Ship (online)
This option is recommended for customers girls cannot deliver to, those who can’t find their favorite items on the order card and those who wish to get items earlier than November 25. Girls can send an email link to their customers. Customers have a larger product selection to choose from and pay for items online. Items are delivered to customers based on the shipping speed selected at checkout. This is the most contactless option.

Girls can sell to friends and family in-person using their order card. Customers can pay for items with cash or check at the time the order is taken. GSHCC does not recommend accepting checks in amounts over $60. Checks should be made payable to “GSHCC Troop #___”.


Girls can send an email link to their customers. Customers pay for magazines online and receive their orders within six to eight weeks. With hundreds of titles to choose from, there is something for everyone.

Project Share

In addition to these important business skills, Girl Scouts will also learn philanthropy through Project Share. All Project Share nut donations will be donated to local food banks. Girls who receive four Project Share nut donations will earn a Care to Share patch.