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GSHCC uses ACH (Automated Clearing House, which is a network used for electronic payments and money transfers) to withdraw troop balances due. Troops will deposit all funds into their troop account, and GSHCC will automatically process funds due on the scheduled ACH dates.

How will this work?

Troops who participated in the 2021 Girl Scout Cookie and 2021 Fall Product programs will automatically have their banking information uploaded into Smart Cookies. New troops, troops who did not participate in previous product programs, and troops who changed accounts will need to fill out the ACH Authorization Form. Banking information cannot be edited in Smart Cookies and must be updated using the ACH Authorization Form.

Troops are responsible for depositing all cookie monies into their troop bank accounts throughout the Girl Scout Cookie Program. Remember to deposit early and often.

Troops can find balances due by looking at their Troop Balance Summary report in the Reports section of Smart Cookies.

All transactions will be updated in the troop’s Smart Cookies dashboard within 5 days. Troops do not have the ability to edit or enter ACH transactions, as this is done automatically.

Troops without sufficient funds in their account to cover the amount to be withdrawn should notify GSHCC Customer Care a minimum of three (3) business days prior to the scheduled withdrawal date (no later than Monday for each withdrawal week) to request a one (1) week extension. Troops that do not request an extension and do not have enough funds for the ACH withdrawal will be responsible for any and all non-sufficient funds (NSF) fees.

GSHCC Customer Care
Call: 916.452.9181 or 800.322.4475