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GSHCC is making moves to make banking and product program easier! This upcoming cookie season, GSHCC will be using ACH (Automated Clearing House, which is a network used for electronic payments and money transfers.) ACH will use troop bank account information and automatically withdraw the council portion of product sales without the use of deposit slips or having to find a council account. Troops will deposit all funds into their troop account and council will automatically withdraw the council portion on set withdraw dates.

How will this work?

Troops will enter their bank account information into Smart Cookies before January 12. All cookie monies will be deposited into their troop account during the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

There will be three withdraws:

March 6 – 25% of what is due for inventory (as of March 3)

(End of program, March 18)

March 20 – 75% of remaining balance due to council

March 27 – remaining balance due

All transactions will be automatically updated into the troop’s Smart Cookies dashboard.

If a troop does not have the amount due in their troop account, three days prior to the withdraw date the troop must contact council HQ.

Council HQ – 800.322.4475,

Have questions? Check out the FAQ’s!