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How the Cookie Crumbles

Most packages of Girl Scout Cookies costs $5 each. After the wholesale cost of cookies, all proceeds stay local. Your purchase of Girl Scout Cookies benefits girls, Girl Scout troops, and GSHCC to fund programs and support volunteers, who help girls become Go-getters, Innovators, Risk-takers, and Leaders right here in Northern and Central California.

Where Does the Cookie Money Go?

Cost of Cookies: Wholesale cost of cookies purchased from ABC Bakers

Troop Proceeds and Girl Rewards:  Proceeds to support troop opportunities and community service efforts, as well as rewards and incentives directly to girls

Council Services:  Customer service support, Girl Scout membership and event registration, financial assistance to girls and volunteers, data management

Member Support:  Support for new and veteran volunteers, training, marketing resources and supplies to promote and support Girl Scout membership

Properties: Maintenance and upkeep of residential camps and program facilities across the region; keeping camp affordable for girls in our council at less than market-value rates

Girl Experience and Outdoor Programming: Experiences in the areas of STEAM, outdoor skills, leadership opportunities, and more; support of Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Rose Award projects; equine care and programming at camp properties; stewardship of partnerships that benefit Girl Scouts throughout the council