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Other Awards

From beginning to end, your Girl Scout adventure is designed to offer opportunities to develop courage, confidence, and character every step of the way. When you start your Girl Scout adventure, from going on a Journey to earning a mentoring award, the experience will stay with you for a lifetime. 

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10 Year Pin

Girls who have been a member of Girl Scouts for 10 years are eligible to receive their 10 Year Pin from GSHCC. Pins are distributed to service units in late spring. To request a pin, a 10 Year pin request for each girl must be submitted no later than March 1 of each year. These pins are also available to purchase at our council shop, year-round.

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Teen Mentoring Awards

As a Girl Scout Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador, you can gain leadership experience by sharing skills, testing knowledge, and trying out new roles by mentoring younger girls. For the girls being mentored, it means a chance to be with and learn from teens—some of their favorite people!

Teen Mentoring Awards include Program Aide, Counselor-in-Training I and II, and Volunteer-in-Training. You can find complete descriptions and requirements for these awards in your Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting. Here are some general facts:

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Program Aide Pin

The Cadette Program Aide (PA) Training is the perfect place to start if you want to mentor younger Girl Scouts.  By earning this award, you’ll gain a basic understanding of how younger girls learn, how to make Journeys fun for your sister Girl Scouts, and how to create high-quality experiences.

To earn the Cadette Program Aide, girls in grades 6, 7, or 8: 

  1. Earn the Leader-in-Action Award (LiA award). 
  2. Complete a council-designed Program Aide leadership training course.
  3. Work directly with younger girls over six activity sessions. This might be assisting girls on Journey activities (in addition to what she did for her LiA), badge activities, or other sessions. She might work with a group at their meetings, at a day camp, or during a special council event.
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Counselor-in-Training I and II

Love camp? Help create camp memories for a new generation of Girl Scouts by earning your Counselor-in-Training (CIT) award! 

To earn the Counselor-in-Training Award, a girl:

  1. Takes a Counselor-in-Training leadership course, designed by her council, on outdoor experiences.
  2. Works with younger girls over the course of a camp session.

Once you’ve reached the Ambassador level, you can also take your mentoring training a step further, with the CIT II Award.   

To earn the Counselor-in-Training II award, a girl: 

  1. Earns her CIT I award (prerequisite)
  2. Completes CIT II training course.
  3. Works with younger girls over the course of at least one camp session, while focusing on increasing her skills in one specific area, such as riding instruction, lifeguarding, or the arts.
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Mentoring girls at camp is fun and rewarding, but there are other ways to be there for your sister Girl Scouts. If bugs and outdoor sports aren’t your thing, consider earning the Volunteer-in-Training (VIT) Pin.  By earning this award, you’ll lead activities in any Girl Scout setting, except camp.  If you’ve completed 9th grade, you’re eligible to earn this award. A Volunteer-in-Training project needs to span a 3-6-month period.

To earn the Volunteer-in-Training award, a girl: 

  1. Finds an adult volunteer mentor, who is currently the volunteer for a group of girls at the level she’d like to work with. This volunteer will help her through her training and internship, and she’ll help the volunteer with her group of girls for a 3-6-month period. 
  2. Completes a council-designed Volunteer-in-Training leadership course. 
  3. Creates and implements a thoughtful Journey project that lasts four or more sessions. Volunteers-in-training might also help younger girls with a Take Action project. The Volunteer-in-training is responsible for designing, planning, and evaluating the activities. If a girl is passionate about a topic, such as art or technology, she could design the activities around this topic.
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Torch Pins

The Torch Pin recognizes girls who are leaders in their communities. You can earn this award three times—as a Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador. To earn the award, complete one journey at your current grade level and serve one full term in a leadership role at your school, church, library, town council, or in any other community leadership role. The length of your service will depend on the term specified by the organization or the particular position you hold. 

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Community Service Bars

The Community Service bars recognize girls who make a difference within their community, both within and outside of Girl Scouts. You can earn the Community Service bar as a Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador by providing 20 hours of service to an outside organization, or earn the Community Service to Girl Scouting bar by providing 20 hours of service to Girl Scouts.  Submit the Community Service Bar Approval form  to council for approval before beginning your service hours.

Your service hours for these bars need to be separate from those you use toward other awards.

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Bridge to Adult Girl Scout Adult Award

Savor every moment, work hard, learn new things, make new friends, and above all, make an impact in your community and your world. The lessons you learn during your Girl Scouting years are designed to create a strong foundation for a lifetime of success for you and the people around you. We sincerely hope that you will carry your commitment to the Girl Scout Movement into the future, even after your journey as a girl member is complete.

As a graduating Girl Scout Ambassador, girls enter the Girl Scout community as an adult. The Bridge to Girl Scout Adult award is the last award girls can earn as a girl member and prepares girls to join the nearly 1 million Girl Scouts across the country and around the world who volunteer their time and inspire girls to become leaders. Girls who have completed their junior year of high school are eligible to complete the two bridging steps to earn their Bridge to Girl Scout Adult award.  

The Bridge to Adult application has moved to a new online application system! You can find the link to the new application here. The Bridge to Adult form must be submitted online – no paper copies will be accepted.