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Girl Scout Silver Award

Girl Scouts earning their Silver Award

When Girl Scout Cadettes focus on an issue they care about, learn the facts, and take action to make a difference, they gain the confidence and skills that will catapult them to lifelong success. It all adds up to the Girl Scout Silver Award—the highest honor a Cadette can achieve.  Download the Silver Award guidelines to find out how.

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You can pursue your Girl Scout Silver Award if: 
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You're in sixth, seventh, or eighth grade (or equivalent)

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You're a registered Girl Scout Cadette 

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You have completed a Cadette Journey

Silver Award paperwork is all online. The forms allow you to save progress and take as much time as you need to finish the report. You can access the Silver Award Final Report here.

Girls wanting to earn their Silver Award must first submit a proposal to the council. This will replace the old pitch form and will be required for all projects. You can find the Silver Award Project Proposal here.

We ask that before she decides to focus on Girl Scouts a girl must complete the three steps that precede the planning stage of a Silver Award project. 

Girl Scout Silver Award Steps

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Identify an issue you care about

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Research your issue.

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Build your team.

Then, a girl can:

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Develop a plan for the project.

Adult Guide: Girl Scout Silver Award

When you volunteer to help a girl earn her Silver Award, you take on an incredible role in her life. This Adult Guide to the Girl Scout Silver Award can help you be an even better mentor.

Download (PDF) English | Español

Girl Scout Silver Award FAQ

Does time spent working on the proposal count towards a girl’s final hour tally?

Yes, the proposal is considered a part of the planning process and can, therefore, be included in a girl’s final hour tally. Girls can include up to 10 hours of planning time towards their final tally, including time writing the proposal.

Do Girl Scouts have to complete a proposal before starting their project?

All new Silver Award projects must submit a proposal to the Higher Awards Committee for review. You can find the form here.