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Camp Menzies

Camp Menzies, established in 1946, is a 160-acre site located in the Sierra Nevadas, about 2.5 hours from Sacramento and 2 hours from Modesto. Busses are available to transport campers to resident camp, departing from Sacramento, Modesto, Stockton, and Angels Camp. Open May to September, this site has programs designed for girls, troops, and families!

The camp facility is comfortably rustic, including six living units for camper groups, an open-air dining hall and kitchen, shower houses, art and nature centers, a health center, a meadow for games and activities, hiking trails, and natural canoeing and swimming areas. Camp Menzies is accredited by the American Camp Association and meets high national standards for the camp’s program, administration, safety, and facilities operation.

Key Philosophies at Camp Menzies

  • Challenge by choice- Girls are invited to participate voluntarily in each of the various activities and challenges at camp. A girl may choose to sit out of an activity or participate in an alternative way. This choice is respected by other campers and camp staff.
  • Girl-led- Girls are incorporated into decisions made about camp activities, such as all-camp events, meal planning, themes, etc. Girls are encouraged to share ideas and opinions. Staff support girls that want to take initiative in stepping into a leadership role.
  • Consent Culture- At camp, everyone respects others’ personal space, and girls are taught how to properly ask for consent when entering the personal space of another camper.
  • Safety- Camp Menzies is accredited through the American Camp Association (ACA), which means that the camp meets all the national industry-accepted and government-recognized standards regarding health, safety, and risk management aspects of camp operations.